ABOUT SafeGuard

We are Singapore based Fund and Investment Manager. Rapidly growing since incorporation, SafeGuard manages real estate funds on behalf of discretionary investors and third party mandates pursuing controlled risk strategies in high yielding real estate markets globally.

Our Investments

Safeguard Real Estate Fund I

Our maiden fund was launched in January 2014. It invested in the fast growing mass-market travel and hospitality industry in the Philippines. This Fund had been fully subscribed and was liquidated in May 2018 through a successful exit into Asia Hospitality Capital.

Safeguard Platinum Real Estate Fund

​This  fund invests in high quality commercial and residential properties in prime locations of Madrid and Barcelona Spain.

Student Accomodation in the United Kingdom

Safeguard is developing student accommodation projects in Belfast. United Kingdom.


SafeGuard is constantly exploring strategies and opportunities to create products that will deliver high returns to our investors through fund structures and discretionary mandates. The investments we are currently focused on are:

  • European Student Accommodation

  • European Hotels and Branded Residences

  • Asian  Hotels

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Our Management Team

Chris Werner, Founder CE0

Chris is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SafeGuard. He has 30 years of experience in executive operating and financial management roles at country, regional and global levels in Europe and Asia. His expertise covers mergers & acquisitions, private equity, structured financing, and banking.

Varun Sabhlok, CIO

Varun is the Chief Investment Officer of SafeGuard. He has more than 35 years of experience in real estate financing, financial services, risk and audit management in Europe and Asia.

Kylan Pang, COO

Kylan is the Chief Operating Officer of SafeGuard. He has more than 15 years of experience in the management of real estate investment trusts and Funds with a focus on the operational and financial aspects of the business.

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